Gleebeam January 2020 updates

Gleebeam is getting better again! 🚀

Based on feedback we’ve gotten from some early users, we’ve begun the year by releasing a fairly major update.

  • All notification template fields are positioned on a fixed grid to solve two main issues. First, now users have fewer decisions to make about how their templates should look, and, second, all fields now have fixed dimensions, which fixes problems with long text overflowing notification borders.
  • In cases where the text doesn’t fit within the dimensions of the field, we’ve implemented text autoscroll, which scrolls overflowing text automatically in the dashboard view.
  • All fields can have optional titles, which helps with labeling fields to let the team know what information they contain.
  • Notification sizing has been improved within the dashboard cards.
  • The sound selection menu has been redesigned in the editor.
  • There’s now a default template design that greets all users when they create a new template and provides information of what they can do next.
  • Optimizations for some built-in TV web browsers have been implemented. Unfortunately, this has made the dashboard less responsive on more common and fully-featured browsers – this will have to be addressed in a future update.
  • Notifications will now be labelled as “NEW” on the dashboard for an hour after they have been received.
  • Fixed a bug where emojis were not parsed in the dashboard.
  • Several other minor UI fixes

A note on migration to the new version

Notifications templates in the older format will be migrated automatically to the new one. You will have to reposition and resize the fields, however. Sorry about that! We didn’t find a great way to migrate field positions and size since some field parameters in the new format don’t have equivalent ones in the old one.

If you’d like to contact me about anything related to this, please send me an email to [email protected] or message me on Twitter.

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