Announce Bonusly bonuses on your Gleebeam dashboard using Zapier

Celebrate your team’s achievements with fun notifications on screens in your office triggered whenever new bonuses are awarded by your team in Bonusly. In this guide, we’ll be using Zapier to integrate Bonusly with Gleebeam so that each time someone in your team gives a bonus to their teammates, a notification is displayed on your Gleebeam dashboard containing the number of points awarded as well as the reason for which they have been awarded!

1. Create a notification template in Gleebeam

In your Gleebeam account, create a template for the notification you want to receive each time a bonus is awarded.

Gleebeam notification template design for Bonusly bonus awards

Set up the text fields for points and the reason as dynamic because you’ll want to pass custom values to them every time a notification is triggered. Give both fields names you can recognise, like “points” and “reason”.

Setting up dynamic fields in the Gleebeam notification template for Bonusly bonuses
I’ve set the points field to dynamic and given it the name “points”

Click Save & Exit once you’re done to return to the templates view. That’s all you will have to do in Gleebeam. Let’s turn to Zapier now.

💡You can add a sound effect to your notifications in the sound menu of the editor sidebar.

2. Set up the Zapier trigger event

Create a new zap in your Zapier account. Select Bonusly as the trigger app. Set the trigger event to New Bonus and click Continue.

Creating a Zapier zap to integrate Gleebeam with Bonusly

Connect to your Bonusly account.

Connecting to my Bonusly account in a Zapier zap

Proceed by clicking Continue and you’ll be asked to test the connection between Zapier and Bonusly. Do this to make sure everything is set up properly so far.

3. Set up the Zapier action event

For your action app choose the Gleebeam official integration app. As it is not yet publicly available on the Zapier platform, you will need to add it using this invite link. Set the action event to Trigger Notification.

Setting Gleebeam as the action app in a Zapier zap

Connect to your Gleebeam account and click Continue.

Connecting to a Gleebeam account in a Zapier zap

Choose the notification template you created in Gleebeam and your dynamic fields will be loaded.

Selecting a Gleebeam notification template to trigger with a Zapier zap

Fill the dynamic fields with the data from a sample Bonusly bonus loaded in step 1 of your zap. I’ve added the bonus amount in the “points” field I created in my Gleebeam template and the bonus reason in the “reason” field.

Setting Bonus data values to pass to each Gleebeam notification

Click Continue and you will be asked to test your zap. Do this to make sure a notification can be triggered successfully. Turn your zap on and see your celebration turned up to 11! 🚀 Now, whenever a new bonus is awarded, it will show up on screens where the Gleebeam dashboard is set up!

Turning on the Zapier zap
The zap is turned on and working!

You’re all set!

Thanks a lot for reading! Here’s how my notification looked when I triggered it with the sample bonus data Zapier had loaded for me.

Bonusly notification appearing on the Gleebeam dashboard

If you’d like to contact me about anything related to this, please send me an email to [email protected] or message me on Twitter.

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