Why I made Gleebeam

When projects launch there is always a lot of excitement in the team. Everyone has made their best effort to make the launch a success using their most-convincing educated guesses about what’s going to happen. And then launch happens – time has come to start satisfying their expectations and move towards whatever they have defined as success.

Every time a new customer purchases a product, or a new subscriber joins a newsletter, it’s time for celebration. 🎉 And not just for the sales or marketing teams, but for the whole company where everybody has played their part. The celebration needs to feel proportional to the invested effort – it has to feel significant.

At the company where I currently work, we used to play a sound on a TV in the office every time a newly launched product was purchased. It was a sound that the team recorded upon launching the product. When the sound played, the team knew that the product was gaining traction – that there were people out there who derived value from it and were, therefore, willing to pay for it. That was great! The team was brought together in a fun way that also communicated that things were going well.

There were three challenges with this set-up though.

  1. These sound notifications weren’t easy to set up – we used a Chrome extension that played a sound whenever a Shopify order confirmation email was received in Gmail. Later on, we wanted to play different sounds for different products but that was too painful to set up.
  2. The set-up was also fairly insecure because someone had to always be authorized in Gmail on the computer connected to the TV.
  3. There wasn’t a way to show a visual component with each notification. The sound we recorded was pretty long and started becoming annoying quite soon. Something visual (but still fun) would allow the team to see that things were moving forward without being too disruptive.

Regardless of the issues, I got inspired by this form of automated sharing of wins in the office and am now exploring it with Gleebeam! What inspired me, in particular, was that aesthetically this project could be approached with a video-game-like achievement celebration mindset. On the technical side, it dealt with automation, which I’ve felt a fair amount of passion for ever since I discovered Google Sheets scripting and Zapier. It seemed like a perfect match for me.

So I aimed to make Gleebeam simple to set up, fun, secure and allow for both visual and sound notifications. I was also excited to explore other use cases for it besides celebrating product sales, for instance, welcoming new employees in teams, tracking task completion, or just posting random fun messages. The first version of the app is now public, and, while there’s still a lot of features to add, I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Gleebeam is fundamentally about fun and celebration as well as team motivation and bringing the team together. It works through the creation of delightful moments in the office where the team’s collectively invested effort is recognised and appreciated. I’d love to move Gleebeam in a direction where it offers something more meaningful than a Slack message sent to one of a plethora of crowded channels every time a sales deal is closed. Let’s see how it will go!

If you think you might benefit from some celebration in your office, head over to https://gleebeam.com and try it. It has a free plan! 🚀

If you’d like to contact me about anything related to this, please send me an email to [email protected] or message me on Twitter.

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