Add closed deal amount to your Hubspot sales gong using Gleebeam and Zapier

This is a follow-up post for the guide on how to Set up a Hubspot sales gong using Gleebeam and Zapier. Read it to understand the context assumed below.

In this post, we’ll learn how to edit the Gleebeam notification and the Zapier zap to show the closed deal revenue amount every time when a deal gets closed on Hubspot.

1. Edit the notification template

Start by editing your notification template in the Templates view on in your Gleebeam account. As you can see in the screenshot below, I’ve added two text layers to the template.

  1. A static text layer that contains the word ‘Revenue’
  2. A dynamic text layer that will hold the closed deal amount. I’ve given this layer a name of ‘Revenue’

đź’ˇ Make text or image layers dynamic if you’d like to pass custom data to them with each notification.

Save & Exit the template and open the automation data of the template. You’ll see that you can now send the value for a ‘revenue’ field with every notification.

Notification template data shown for won Hubspot deal announcement template

Let’s now edit the zap that triggers these notifications to also include information about the deal size so that it’s shown with each notification.

2. Update notification zap on Zapier

In the Customize Post section of your zap’s trigger action, add a new Data row.

Adding new key value pair to a zap's json data payload on Zapier

Type the name of the new notification field we added on Gleebeam and choose the Hubspot deal amount as the value for this field. Add the currency before it if you want to make it look more like an amount of money!

Filling a Zapier zap's new JSON payload data row for a Gleebeam notification about closed deals on Hubspot.

That’s it!

Now with every notification trigger, Zapier will also pass the deal amount to Gleebeam, which should always be reflected in the notifications you receive on the Gleebeam dashboard.

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