Onboard new employees with Gleebeam using manual notification triggers

Gleebeam can help you announce new hires to the team on TV dashboards around the office to ensure the warmest possible onboarding for all new employees. Let’s say that every time an employee joins you would like to display their name, role, a fun fact about them along with a photo. In this guide I’ll walk you through the steps to set this up.

1. Create the notification template

In your Gleebeam account go to Templates and click Add template. In my example I’ve created an image layer and five text layers.

Notification for announcing new employee in Gleebeam editor

Make sure you set the layers that will have to change with each notification as dynamic. For me these layers were the photo, name, role and the fun fact text. These are just placeholders and we’ll later see how we can pass custom data to them with each notification trigger!

Make sure to give these layers a recognisable name as well. This will help later when setting custom values for the notifications with each trigger.

Setting placeholders for a notification for announcing new employee in Gleebeam editor

Make text or image layers dynamic if you’d like to pass custom data to them with each notification. In this case we want the employee’s name, role, fun fact and photo to change every time so these fields should be dynamic, while the titles should be static.

đź’ˇYou can add a sound effect to your notifications in the sound menu of the editor sidebar.

2. Trigger notifications

Now that you’ve created the template, exit the editor and open the template’s trigger menu.

Choosing to trigger a notification for announcing new hires

Here you’ll see input fields for all the dynamic layer values you created! Just fill them with custom text and image links and click Trigger.

Announcing new hires with manual notification trigger in Gleebeam

You’re all set!

Once triggered the notifications will appear on dashboards wherever you have them set up.

Gleebeam dashboard showing an announced new employee with custom details

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