Hello world

Just wanted to say hi and tell you about what this blog is for.

Generally, it’s about Gleebeam, the web app I’ve been making recently. Gleebeam is a communication tool for teams and is specifically designed for celebrating small victories on the road to larger milestones. I’ve seen the need for this at the company where I currently work, which has inspired me to create an app to satisfy this need.

More specifically, you can expect me to write about workflow automation with tools like Zapier as well as my development process and plans for Gleebeam. I will try to show you how Gleebeam might be useful to you and along the way cover some potentially useful stuff on how to automate things at your workplace. I will also cover how everything’s going with improving Gleebeam as a product and what the future might look like for it.

That’s about it for now! Thanks a lot for reading.

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